What We Do As Chaplains...

Chaplains are dedicated community based activists that help the community in such areas as: homelessness, community toy drives, veterans support,

job searching, juvenile and family programs, spousal and child abuse awareness and education.



A question that has often been asked - What is the difference between a chaplain and a pastor? Both callings are wonderful callings on a person's life, and are desparately needed, but they are very different in ministry. A pastor's ministry deals mainly with in-reach, or we can say church-based. Whereas, a chaplains ministry deals mainly with out-reach, and is community-based. A simple definition of a Chaplain is, "a minister in the workplace." In other words, Chaplains have a church which is actually outside the walls of the church building. It's called the community. Chaplains serve people of all faiths. A Chaplain at the local and national level has constitutional protection, whereas a pastor does not. An Ordained Chaplain is recognized by government agencies, such as the Sheriffs department, Police and Fire departments, and Military agencies. Whereas an ordained pastor is not because of the separation of church and state issue. The chaplain's ministry is to be a bridge between the secular and the sacred.


Una pregunta que se hace con frecuencia es - ¿Cual es la diferencia entre un Capellán y un Pastor? Ambos son llamados significantes en la vida de una persona y son muy necesarios, pero son ministerios muy diferentes. El ministerio de un Pastor, se basa en aquellos que estan cerca a el, es decir, miembros de su Iglesia. Mientras que el ministerio de los Capellanes, se ocupa mayormente de situaciones fuera de la Iglesia y se basa en situaciones comunitarias. Una definición sencilla de un Capellán es " Un ministerio ocupacional". En otras palabras, la Iglesia de los Capellanes esta situada afuera de las paredes de un edificio y se llama "La Comunidad". Los Capellanes ofrecen sus servicios a toda persona que lo necesite, sin mirar su religion y sin discriminación alguna. Un Capellan a nivel local o nacional, tiene proteccion constitucional, y si es un Capellán Ordenado, es reconocido por agencias del govierno como la policia, los bomberos, y las agencias militares, a diferencia del un Pastor, que aunque ordenado, no es protegido por la constitución, a causa de las leyes que separaran la Iglesia  del Estado. En resumen, el Ministerio de un Capellán es un puente entre lo secular y lo sagrado.

Our Mission To provide physical, moral, social and spiritual support to those in need regardless of origin and personal life preferences. ALL OF OUR CHAPLAINS ARE REPRESENTED AS INDIVIDUAL CHAPLAINS